10 Chores Your Toddler Can Do

As a new mom, I have often heard about the terrible twos: Two-year-olds are picky eaters, the tantrums are endless, and they have as much energy as a new puppy with the ability to break and chew up things just like a puppy would! Sometimes, toddlers get a bad rep, so let’s focus on the positive. One thing I love about these little people is their desire to help. Even though it may be more work to include them in household chores, it’s never too early to have them take an active part of household work. Here are 10 chores your child can do with a little supervision.


Dishwasher Duty

I always take out the sharp things first, like knives. Then, I let my son grab each item and hand it to me. I also let him put the soap in the dispenser, if we’re using packets, and have him push the button to start the wash. This did backfire the other day: My toddler started the dishwasher without my knowledge! But you can expect a few things to backfire when you’re teaching a wee one.


You’re probably thinking, how in the world is it possible for a toddler to vacuum? Well, you’ll need a lightweight stick vacuum or a handheld one. If they can lift the handle, it’s fairly easy to show them how to maneuver it. Easy entertainment---and you’ll have a clean carpet!

Empty the Dryer

Have a basket ready for them to pull out clothes from the dryer. Typically, the dryer is the perfect height for them to pull out clothes, and you don’t have to stoop over to pull out the clothes. Win- win.

Throw Clothes in a Hamper

Next time your toddler’s outfit is dirty, give it to them and have them throw it in the hamper. Just another way for you to save a few extra minutes and give them more responsibility.


Wipe Up Spills

If your house is like mine, you will have ample opportunity for your baby to wipe up spills. You may need to guide their hand the first few times, but they’ll get the hang out it sooner than you’d think.

Throw Away Diapers

After being changed and securing the diaper by closing it tightly, I will hand it to my son for him to throw away. He always gets excited to slam dunk it into the garbage.

Retrieve Shoes

Depending on how you organize your child’s clothes, your child may be able to retrieve their clothes for the day. Our son likes to bring his shoes to us. He will also bring us our shoes to wear.

Organize Toys and Books

I’m amazed by how big a mess a little person can make! Teach them to gather their toys and put them in a bin or box.

Help Water Plants

Depending on the size of the pitcher and height of the plants, your toddler may need more help with this one.


Dust With Rag

When your toddler is low to the ground, floor boards are great thing for them to dust. Plus, it’ll save your back.

Toddlers are wonderful little people. They have such a huge desire to help and be a part of everything you’re doing. It will likely make more work for you as they learn, but it will pay off in the end. It’s never to early to include them in the family chores. If you know any new moms, share this post with them, and make it a priority to include your little ones in everyday work!