Get Your Sister Missionary Style Inspiration from "Hidden Figures"

I loved a lot of things about the movie "Hidden Figures"—the central message about breaking gender and race barriers especially—but what really made me swoon while watching were the clothes! The colorful, early 1960s retro vibe of the character's outfits was awesome to see on screen, and the costume designer for the film has even been nominated for an award for her work.

In "Hidden Figures," an overlooked but brilliant black woman gets promoted to crunch numbers for NASA's biggest project: successfully putting a man into space. She's told that part of her job is a strict uniform of skirts that extend below the knee, modest blouses or cardigans, nice closed-toe shoes, and simple jewelry. For any of you who've received a mission call, does that sound familiar?

Source: Hopper Stone

As I watched the main characters of the film—modestly but fashionably dressed women—interact with a huge room full of men in white shirts and ties, I couldn't help but be reminded of my time in the Missionary Training Center! The fashion guidelines for women at NASA in the 1960s are remarkably similar to today's standards for LDS sister missionaries.

The costume designer of "Hidden Figures" studied real NASA footage and vintage magazines as she tailored custom dresses for the movie's actresses, but you can easily find new clothes off the rack to recreate that retro vibe for your sister missionary wardrobe. Here are some tips for shopping:

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For a retro look, match your top with your skirt in pattern and/or color.

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The high-waisted look has come back into fashion, but wearing your sister missionary skirt at the waist with a nice button-up blouse and big hair will take the retro look up a notch.

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Embrace prints of all kinds! Just because your clothes are modest doesn't mean they have to be boring. Pair a print dress or blouse with a cardigan for a look that is very 1960s.

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Many of the dresses on "Hidden Figures" are in neutral or muted colors and are cut to cinch at the waist. When you're dress shopping, look for this style, which looks great on body types. Getting a dress in a neutral color will make it easier to accessorize and change up your look.

What do you think—ready to add some vintage flair to your sister missionary wardrobe?