Tips for Planning a Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are wonderful! Shimmery lights and hot cocoa make a dreamy sight for any starry-eyed couple. However, winter weddings certainly have their challenges. My third anniversary is coming up this December, and the holidays make me reminisce my wedding day. Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind while you plan your dream winter wonderland wedding.


  1. Take bridal/groomal pictures before the big day. I think this is fairly common because people want pictures framed at the reception, but in the winter I would say it’s essential for another reason. Winter is full of cloudy, bleak days where the snow is more slush than powder. Ideally, for pictures you will want a sunny, semi-warm day. So coordinate with your photographer and look at the weather forecast. Find a day that either has no snow, or wait until a new layer has recently fallen. Of course, you can always take pictures inside to make things less complicated.
  2. Find a warm cover-up for pictures. You want to look pretty, but you also want to be comfortable. I would suggest a wrap, maybe something furry? Coats often cover too much of the dress, and the last thing you want to do is look frumpy. If you’ll be outside, don’t forget to take hand warmers as well. They’re small enough that you usually won’t have any problems hiding them in your palm and out of sight.


  3. Keep in mind that winter is not wedding season, so shop around. You should be able to get good deals on catering, venues, etc.
  4. Flowers will be expensive, and the variety will be limited. Find alternatives for table centerpieces and for decorations at the reception. A couple flower options usually available are carnations, ranunculus, roses, and gardenias.


  5. Don’t expect as big of a crowd. If the big day is close to a holiday, then you can expect some people will be out of town. It’s also more difficult for extended family and friends to travel during the winter, so expect that some will decline your invitation. If it blizzards on the day of your wedding, you can also expect less of a turnout. People generally don’t like driving in the snow even for an important event.
  6. Consider honeymoon and travel plans. When you're planning your honeymoon, keep in mind the prices of travel, especially if you’re close to the holidays. Waiting a few days for a flight can make a huge difference in savings. Winter is also a great excuse to travel somewhere tropical! Hawaii anyone?

Winter weddings are lovely and definitely manageable to plan. If you have a friend that has set the date for a winter wedding, please share this post with them. My hope is that some of these tips will help a bride-to-be plan her wedding more easily and give her realistic expectations. Happy wedding planning and happy holidays!