Top 10 Books to Read to a Baby

It’s never too early to start reading to your baby. Books are a wonderful way to introduce new vocabulary, pictures, and ideas to your child. By reading to your child, you will help lay the foundation for them to start talking, singing, and eventually reading! Besides being a fundamental part of their development, it’s also a fun activity to do together. Here are my top ten suggestions for baby books.

Good Night Gorilla

This darling book, written by Peggy Rathmann, says goodnight to all of the animals in the zoo. It’s repetitive, which many toddlers and babies like, and it has darling illustrations. It’s the perfect way to end your day and say goodnight.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This classic Eric Carle book needs to be in your collection. Your baby will love to put their fingers in all of the holes where the caterpillar has eaten, and it will introduce the names of new foods to your baby. This is also a book that can grow with your child. As they get older, you can talk about which foods are good for them and the development of a caterpillar.


On The Night You Were Born

All of Nancy Tillman books are beautifully written and poetic. This endearing story is sure to warm your heart. It’s a reminder to children that they are special and that the birth of a baby is a beautiful, marvelous thing. Parents and grandparents alike will appreciate this book.

Goodnight Moon

If you’re into older books, Margaret Wise Brown has a book from your childhood. Goodnight Moon is another great book for bedtime, and it teaches the name of different objects in a room. Both you and baby will enjoy the rhyming scheme of this timeless story.

Counting Kisses

Here’s a sweet and interactive way to introduce numbers and teach body parts. Karen Katz makes it easy to play with your baby while also reading him or her a book!

Are You My Mother?

P.D. Eastman’s book cherishes the bond between child. It follows the story of a young bird who can’t find his mother and goes on an adventure in search of her. Your baby will love the different characters that the bird finds, like the cow, a dog, and snort!


Harold and the Purple Crayon

A 1950s Crockett Johnson classic, grandparents will love sharing this story with their grandchildren. With all of the electronics available to kids today, Harold shows how you can have fun with nothing more than a crayon and explore new places through your imagination.


Excited about teaching animals sounds to your child? Sandra Boynton’s book is for you! It rhymes, has darling illustrations, and is silly.

Dear Zoo

Rod Campbell’s flap book is about a child petitioning a zoo for a new pet, but as you can imagine, a zoo doesn’t have a lot of options. The flaps are easy for a baby to handle with a little help, and as a parent, you can point out all of the wild animals.

The Napping House

Audrey Wood’s story is a great book to read before naptime. It has slightly more text than other books in this list, and it uses repetitive phrases, which is good for a short attention span. Cute characters and an array of interesting adjectives make this a fun read for you and your baby.


It’s hard to only keep this list to 10 because there are so many wonderful books available to children. Don’t forget to check out your local library for new books and early literacy classes. Many libraries offer storytime for babies and toddlers, so take advantage of these opportunities and start reading!