She Traveled Wholesale Company Terms and Policies

We aim to make your wholesale experience as simple and easy as possible. Please visit our website at to order.


Shipment & Delivery Terms

Delivery Window Once your item arrives at our contracted fulfillment center in SLC, Utah, items will be shipped out within one week. Orders should then take less than 7 days to arrive at any location within the US.

Lead Time  Depending on the size of your order, lead time will range from a few days to up to two months. Please contact your She Traveled Representative for information on lead time for your specific items.

Cost of Shipping  Once an order is placed, the cost of shipping will be estimated and added to your invoice or charged to your card on file. If you would like an estimate on shipping prior to placing an order, please reach out to our office manager who can assist you with a quotation at

Shipping Terms  Our shipping terms are FOB Shipping Point. The retailer pays shipping charges, and shipments will be sent from our contracted facility in SLC, UT using the most cost effective (and insured) shipping method that we can offer. Our fulfillment center has contracted deals with Fedex, UPS, DHL, USPS, and other options.

Late Shipments  We strive to meet all of our orders on time, but sometimes things get in the way. We want to ensure we have happy customers and are responsible if the mistake is ours. Because of this, we will offer 5% off your order if your shipment is three days past the date that She Traveled has indicated it will arrive on.

Drop Shipping  We do not offer drop shipping. 


Ordering Terms

Catalog  Please visit for our complete catalog of wholesale items.  

Minimum Order  We want to offer our amazing merchandise to all retailers, big and small. Because of this, our order minimums are very small (as low as packs of 6). However, ordering in larger quantities will result in higher discounts. For example, our Philadelphia bag may be purchased in quantities as small as 10 (for a 45% discount off retail price), but our 50% discount off MSRP happens at 100 bags, and the discount goes up the more you purchase.

Payment  Goods must be paid for prior to shipment and payment is due immediately upon invoice date to have your products manufactured/shipped in good time. We prefer to be paid through our online ordering portal (by major credit cards). If you cannot pay this way or would like to discuss payment terms, please reach out to your She Traveled Representative to discuss payment options.

Buybacks She Traveled passes on special pricing received from the manufacturer to the customer upon receiving your order. For this reason, we would be operating at a loss if we accepted buybacks. Although we do not accept buybacks, we would be happy to work with you to ensure you purchase the right amount of product for your business.

Samples  She Traveled can send samples of any wholesale items for your review. Samples can be ordered through our website at Sizes may not be specified and may vary when ordering samples.

Returns  If products are defective when received, the retailer may return items within 2 weeks of shipment arrival date.

Cancellations  Once an order has been placed, seller may cancel an order within 3 business days, and may incur up to a 30% cancellation fee on the order.

Discounts  Discounts from She Traveled to our retailers may be offered periodically on specific merchandise. Generally when this happens, your She Traveled sales rep will reach out to you and notify you of the discounted items. If you have questions or would like the list of discounted merchandise, please visit our website at or reach out to your She Traveled Representative.


Other Terms & Conditions

Reseller's Permit All Resellers must provide a reseller's permit prior to purchasing wholesale items from She Traveled

Exclusivity  We currently do not offer exclusivity provisions. If you have questions or concerns, you may discuss this with your She Traveled Representative.

Product Customization  Please discuss customization with your She Traveled representative. For large orders, this may be an option.

Discount off MSRP  Our brand image is based on our quality product. We even offer guarantees to ensure our customers understand they are getting a product that will last. For this reason, we ask that our retailers do not discount our products more than 40% off MSRP.